Tulee Olla Peisetti!

Valtaosa videoista on Yhdysvalloista, mutta koskee yleensä yhtälailla myös Suomea.


Revealing the Bloody and Merciless Face of the Red Terror Genocide. Srubov Is a Part of Cheka, the Secret Police Lenin Established After the Bolshevik Revolution. They Arrest, Interview for a Minute, Try in Ten Seconds, and Execute Intellectuals, Aristocrats, Christians, Anti-communists, and Their Families. In the Building Basement, Five People at a Time Are Shot as They Stand Naked Facing Wooden Doors. No One to Remember Their Last Words; No Martyrs, Just Anonymous Bodies. Daily, the Kangaroo Court, the Executions, the Loading of Bodies Onto Wagons. Srubov Is Cold, Distant, Sexually Dysfunctional, and a Deep Thinker, Hated by Former Friends and His Family. As He Tries to Reason the Nature of Revolution and the Purpose of Cheka, He Slowly Goes Mad

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